Mike Rizzo is a Brooklyn native who started making movies with his friends at the age of 13. Discovering his team at the Bay Ridge Towers, a building packed with disgruntled elderly, the team specialized in comedy shorts and parodies thus opening up the film collective Paxen Films. Rizzo took the reigns of editing for the collective with one purpose: to make people laugh.

He then graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA, studied the evolution of the pompadour and once met Kurt Russell. Building a strong team from school and then collaborating with his brother JayBay Rizz was born, a self proclaimed Mayor of Bay Ridge Brooklyn. They produced videos by interviewing the community on important local topics using comedy and satire.

After gaining a great local buzz and strengthening his love for storytelling, Rizzo decided to pursue a career in editing. He took on music video clients for various record labels, cut TV work for ESPN XGames, and edited short films for directors. His short films and editing won him the audience choice award several years at the Zero Film Festival and was officially selected at various festivals. His experiences led him to Mackcut, where he edits TV commercials full time.

He also enjoys writing, directing and playing drums.