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Mike Rizzo is a Brooklyn native who started making movies with his friends at the age of 12. Rizzo has a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and has been in the post production industry for 13+ years. He has a wonderful bouffant of hair, can’t wait to meet Kurt Russell, and often gets called Dave Grohl in the street. (Happens a lot!)

Early on Rizzo and his brother Jay created the comedy series Bay Rizz, where Rizzo portrayed ‘the Mayor of Bay Ridge’ getting praise from the NY Daily News as ‘the Borats of Brooklyn’. They produced videos by interviewing the community on important local topics using comedy and satire.

He began taking on editing clients, in the film and music video world, strengthening his love for comedy editing and storytelling. In 2014 his film “Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others” won best comedy film at the New York Downtown Film Festival.

This led him to Mackcut where he is editing full-time. Some of his clients include Little Caesars, Priceline, Snickers, PBS, Klondike Bar, Reese’s, Dunkin Donuts, Bud Light, Mountain Dew and more.

Most notably he earned recognition on editing the teasers and web film for the Bud Light “Up For Whatever” Super Bowl campaign in 2014. He has worked with well known directors like Jeff Tremaine (Jackass, Bad Grandpa), Dan Powell (Inside Amy Schumer, The Break with Michelle Wolf), and all the top agencies.

Rizzo is also one half of the musical comedy duo Bobo Touch, with his lifelong friend Brian Bonz. Their web series Bobo Touch Helpline has been officially selected in over 30 festivals worldwide and they’re always creating strange oddball content.